What is Deep Web?

With Deep web links, you get information that you cannot access with Google Chrome. You can access this information that cannot be easily accessed with Tor Browser. Tor Browser is also a browser type such as Mozilla, Opera etc. Deep Web Links is prohibited in some areas in our country. If you make settings in the browser interface you use, you can easily access this system.


With the spread of the internet environment to a wide range of people in the 2000s, data on the computer environment had to be kept from malicious people. On the website you want to enter, some sections are encrypted, that is, there are layers, Onion links. When you download Tor Browser on your personal computer, your computer’s IP address is decrypted. To do this, installing a virtual machine on your computer and logging out from here with VPN will help you hide your IP. Since too many scientific crimes are committed in the Deep Web environment, they are monitored by interpol.


Stay Safe With Onion Links

The Internet has increased people’s freedom of information, freedom of expression and self-promotion. However, as people’s lives were exposed, personal information security became dangerous. In order to ensure digital information exchange and secure financial transactions, the virtual environment has created its own money. Since there is no center controlling crypto money, governments cannot control these money. Nowadays, online shopping can be done with cryptocurrencies. The main area where crypto money reigns is Deep Web. Sites that do illegal work prefer virtual money.


You can inquire which websites are safe on our site https://theonionlist.org/ and where you can shop safely. Thus, your personal information such as credit card will be safe. Sites using Onion Links prefer to use Tor and VPN simultaneously to be safe. Thus, your IP address, which is a personal information, cannot be detected by bad users.

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